Reentry Announcements & Alerts

  • A COVID update and letter from Dr. Montesano is posted Jan.16, 2021 with the following details regarding hybrid, in-person learning:

    In our commitment to keeping you informed, please see the attached update from Dr. Montesano:  

    At the present time, only Valley Cottage Elementary School will be 100% remote next week, January 19 - 22, 2021.

    However, please be advised we will start this next week with a limited capability to maintain in-person hybrid instruction, given the number of our staff currently quarantined.

    We will keep you posted to any changes. The attached letter contains more details. Thank you for your attention to this message.

    Nyack Public Schools
  • A new webpage has been created to provide information to the public regarding the JAN. 22 Land Purchase Vote. Please peruse using this link:


    Join Dr. Montesano for Community Zoom Meetings on this topic:

    Nyack Public Schools
  • In response to the Jan. 6 attack on our Capital, we've posted resources for staff, parents & guardians. Read the District statement HERE:

    District Statement: The violent January 6 attack  on our Nation’s Capitol, one that threatened our democracy and took five lives, has captured the attention every American, including all of us in the Nyack Public Schools. We recognize that children may be particularly traumatized and experience difficulty in processing all that has taken place; at the same time we support students’ desires to understand and analyze these unprecedented events in proper historic and sociopolitical contexts, and are committed to providing a safe space for such discussions. 

    Dr. Gregory, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction; along with Dr. Connally, Director of Equity, Inclusion and Innovation; have gathered various resources in an effort to support our staff and parents when responding to our students’ questions and engaging in thoughtful conversations.  As stated in a recent article in Education Week,what makes teaching about this insurrection on Capitol Hill especially complicated is that it’s not a spontaneous event, but rather the product of multiple factors and trends: political polarization, a disintegrating news infrastructure and the rise of social media, a backlash to recent discourse about criminal justice, and racism, among many things.”  

    Complicated issues require community input, collaboration, and an equity lens that examines how these events may have affected each of our students differently—all three of which go to the heart of our district’s mission. As with every other challenging event of the past year, we will learn together and support each other.

    We invite you to visit our webpages on from our Curriculum Office and Equity Office and review the resources that are available.  Our school counselors are available to provide additional support should your child need assistance.  We stand with you in assisting our students in gaining an understanding and appreciation of our democratic society the responsibilities of the individual citizen.

    Nyack Public Schools
  • Please continue to check our COVID RESPONSE webpage for important information and updates

     This page contains helpful resources such as:

    - Daily Health Screening for students in hybrid instruction 

    - Reentry Plans in English, Spanish and Haitian-Creole

    - Webinar podcasts to all Reentry Community Zoom meetings

    - Technology Help Desk

    - At-a-Glance Boxes for: Remote Learning, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)/Safety, Testing & Tracing 

    Nyack Public Schools
  • NYS Department of Education (NYSED) has launched a Parent Data Dashboard to increase transparency and ease in finding essential information

    What is the Parent Data Dashboard for New York State Schools?

    The Parent Dashboard is a user-friendly website created by the New York State Education Department (NYSED) to increase transparency and make it easier for parents to find essential information about the schools their children attend. The purpose of the dashboard is to make school data, such as performance indicators and general enrollment details, easy to find and understand. Statistics such as enrollment numbers, average class size, test scores, graduation rates, school climate, demographics, and accountability designations will afford parents a transparent account of all New York State public schools. Designed with input from parents and other stakeholders, the dashboard provides information that is both illustrative and useful and serves the unique needs of parents and the public of New York State.

    The Parent Dashboard provides easy access to the following school-level data elements:

    • Student Enrollment and Ethnicity
    • Average Class Size
    • School Climate
    • Accountability Status
    • Assessment Results
    • Financial Transparency
    • Graduation Rate
    • College, Career, and Civic Readiness
    • School/District Location and Contact Information

    New York State’s ESSA plan emphasizes equity in education for all students and expands measures of school accountability and student success. One element of the State’s ESSA plan is the creation of the Parent Dashboard. In addition to providing easy access to data on all NYS public schools, the Parent Dashboard also provides resources for parents such as fact sheets; videos; information about school climate; supporting English language learners and students with disabilities; transparency; school and district accountability designations; the Next Generation Learning Standards; Culturally Responsive-Sustaining Education; high school graduation requirements; data privacy and security; and more.

    NYSED seeks ongoing feedback via a survey to help make continuous improvements to the dashboard.

    NYSED Parent Dashboard Q&A

    Nyack Public Schools
  • At the 11/17/20 BOE Meeting, three resolutions related to the proposed purchase of a 1.1 acre site in Upper Nyack were approved:


    At its regular November 17 meeting, the Nyack Public Schools Board of Education approved three resolutions related to the District's proposed purchase of a 1.1 acre site at 366 North Highland Avenue, Upper Nyack. If ultimately approved by Nyack voters in a 2021 public referendum, the parcel under consideration would provide much needed additional vehicle parking and open space for students, families and community members.  There would be no impact to local taxpayers as a result of this proposed land purchase. The necessary funds ($687,500) have been set aside by the District, with no additional resources to be requested from the community.  Any proposal by the District to purchase land will include a thorough environmental review (SEQRA) to assess potential environmental impacts.  The vote for the purchase of the property will be held on Friday, January 22, 2021 7am-9pm. Should the election be cancelled due to inclement weather, the election would be held on Friday, January 29th.

    Nyack Public Schools
  • NYS Dept. of Health has released an In-Person Decision Making Flowchart for Student Attendance, as a resource to assist parents/guardians

    The flowchart is helpful when asking, "Can my child go to school today?" and "When can my child go back to school?". 

    This flowchart is available in English, Spanish and Haitian Creole and posted to this announcement for your convenience. 

    Nyack Public Schools
  • To keep parents, students, teachers & staff fully informed, New York State’s COVID Report Card dashboard reports two distinct data sets:

    1) Lab Reported COVID Data for the School District: All COVID-19 positive or negative test results for New York State residents 5-17 years old are reported by laboratories to the Department of Health. This data is matched to the school district within which an individual lives. This data reflects the number of COVID-19 tests and test results for students living in a school district. Note: Individuals 5-17 years old may attend a private or charter school in a neighboring district. Verification measures are in place to prevent duplicate reporting of lab results.

    2) School District Reported COVID Data: Every school district is required to report COVID-19 test results for students enrolled in a school district, teachers, and staff to the NYSDOH daily. Schools acquire this information from the parent/guardian of a student, teachers, and staff, or the local health department as a part of the state’s contact tracing effort. Verification measures are in place to prevent duplicate reporting of school survey results.
    NOTE: There may be discrepancies in the two data sets due to reporting lag times and other variables. These are two distinct and separate data sets, both designed to offer up to date information on testing, viral spread, and other relevant details regarding your school and school district. As more data is available, this will be reported on the dashboard.
    This dashboard has been updated to our Reentry to Schools webpage and is posted, here:
    Nyack Public Schools
  • DAILY HEALTH SCREENING QUESTIONNAIRE for all students to have filled out BEFORE entering school buildings for hybrid instruction

    Link to MANDATORY Health Screening Questionnaire:

    This digital Health Screening Questionnaire must be completed each day before your child is scheduled to enter the school building as we open schools in Hybrid model. 

    Instructions, expectations and access to the mandatory Health Screening Questionnaire are included in a letter sent to all families on Sept. 24.

    Paper copies will be available in your child's school nurse's office. Children who enter schools without the questionnaire filled out will be assisted by the school nurse in their building.

    Please call 845-353-7038 if you need assistance in accessing or filling out the Health Screening Questionnaire. This link is also posted on our Reentry to Schools page under "Testing/Tracing" for your convenience.

    Thank you and stay healthy!

    Nyack Public Schools
  • The following letter from Dr. Montesano contains important safety protocols for families using hybrid model

    The Nyack Public Schools team remains constantly vigilant to the guidelines set forth by the New York State Health Department, which are always subject to change based on the number of cases. We respectfully ask that you partner with us to ensure as healthy a learning environment as possible for all.

    Please take the time to read important reminders and reassurances included in this letter which was sent to all district  families on Sept. 22nd. 

    Nyack Public Schools
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Nyack-Strong for Reentry to Schools

New York State COVID-19 Data Reports: NYS COVID-19 School Report; NYS COVID-19 Report Card;  Dashboard: % Positive Rate by Region

Rockland County Dashboard: COVID-19 Cases by Zip Code

Our Reentry Plan addresses many different important areas including health and safety, transportation, facilities and operations, teaching and learning, social-emotional needs and food services. In accordance with NYSED requirements, our plan is designed with flexibility to meet the unique needs of our students. This will include the opportunity for remote learning for students at increased risk for COVID-19 illness; a hybrid model of learning that will ensure appropriate social distancing while students are receiving in-person schooling on a rotational basis; and opportunities for our most high need students to have access to in-person learning on an everyday basis.

Our Reentry Plan can quickly shift to remote learning for all students depending on the current level of COVID-19 infection rates. In addition, our plan is aligned to the District’s Racial Equity Vision that demands equity and access to high quality learning experiences for each and every student. 

During this school year, the District will update our school community on a regular basis with COVID-19 related communications and resources. Please be informed by checking this webpage on a regular basis. We anticipate ongoing guidance from NYS, the Governor's Office, the Department of Health and State Education Department. The health, safety and socio-emotional well-being of all students, staff and families in our beloved community continue to be priority. 

Together we are Nyack-Strong!



Free & Reduced Meal Program

2020-21 Free & Reduced Meals Packets:

CALL Gloria Menoutis, District Business Executive, with questions or concerns - 845- 213-9590, OR

CONTACT Your Family Resource Center if you need assistance with meal distribution:

  • Wanda Octaviano, MS FRC -  for assistance in SPANISH or English - 845-353-7214
  • Silvia Falcomer, Liberty FRC - for assistance in SPANISH or English845-353-7247
  • Rachel Berlin, UNE FRC -  for assistance in HAITIAN CREOLE or English - 845-353-7268
  • Jessica Misla, VCE FRC - for assistance in SPANISH or English845-353-7291