Meet the Board Members

Most Board members can be reached by e-mail at:, i.e.:

Except for: Michael Mark whose address is:


Terence Rock, Board President, 3rd term expires in June, 2022

Mr. Rock has lived in Valley Cottage for 20 years.  He is a Sales Director at Juniper Networks.  He has two children; one at Nyack High School and one a Nyack graduate.



Beth Davidson, Board Vice President, 2nd term expires in June, 2023

Ms. Davidson, a Writer and Communications Consultant, resides in Nyack. She has two children, one attending Valley Cottage Elementary School and one in Nyack Middle School.  Alongside her family (and often fellow Board Members), Beth regularly volunteers for a number of local nonprofits, including Nyack Center, the Center for Safety and Change, and the Rockland County Pride Center. 


Jennifer Marraccino, Board Secretary, 3rd term expires in June, 2023

Ms. Marraccino, a Development Director, is a 20+ year resident of Upper Nyack. She has four children: one in Nyack High School, one attending Upper Nyack Elementary School, and two Nyack graduates.  

John Duval, 1st term expires June, 2024

Mr. Duval has three children in Nyack Public schools - two in elementary school and one in middle school.  He has worked in the field of education and workforce development for over 15 years.


Karen Hughes, 4rd term expires in June, 2024

Ms. Hughes, a Software Engineer, has lived in Upper Nyack for 22 years.  She has two children; one attends Nyack High School and one is a Nyack graduate and currently a senior in college.


Michael Mark, 8th term expires in June, 2022

Mr. Mark, a Professional Musician, has been a Valley Cottage resident for over 30 years. He  has two children, a daughter and a son who have graduated from Nyack High School.


James Marshall, 4th term expires in June, 2023

Mr. Marshall has lived in Nyack for the past 27 years. He has two children, both Nyack graduates. He is a former Corporate Telecommunications Executive and a U.S. Army Reserve and U.S. Navy Veteran.

Rachel Asoda, Student Representative (2021-22)
Although without a vote on the Board, the representative serves the important function of liaison between the Board and students. The representative is the High School Student Government President.