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  The Nyack Teacher Center was founded on the following premises:

• the quality of teachers and teaching is paramount to the quality of education;
• professional growth is enhanced positively and constructively by an atmosphere in which the integrity of each teacher as an individual is valued;
• teachers wish to assume a larger responsibility for their own professional growth; and.
• a carefully developed staff development program can play a positive role in bringing about and maintaining excellence in teaching, and can maximize student learning.

The NTC is dedicated to responding to the professional and personal needs of its members. Understanding that adults have a wide range of individual needs, the Center offers resources and services across a broad spectrum, based on the expressed needs of staff. The Center also acts as a clearinghouse for disseminating information on educational research and pedagogy to staff members.

The NTC encourages and supports cooperative and collaborative efforts that enable teachers to assess their teaching role in relation to the changing society. It encourages tapping the rich supply of resources available in Rockland County to improve the quality of education for our students.

The NTC endeavors to encourage an atmosphere of intellectual excitement and to stimulate the staff to continuous learning by providing a place where growth and development can flourish in a non-judgmental atmosphere, through collegial interchange of ideas. Programs are designed to emphasize an active approach to learning, with special attention to maintaining an informal atmosphere and encouraging interaction among participants, in order to build self-confidence as well as knowledge.


  • Policy Board Meeting

    *This date has been scheduled in the event the budget does not pass at the May 18, 2021 meeting.  If the budget has passed, this meeting will not occur.

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  • Professional Development Offerings from Nyack Teacher Center

    All professional learning offerings are sent our through the use of Constant Contact.   Click the links below to access a digital copy of the correspondence:

    Summer/Fall 2021 offerings




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  • CTLE information

    The Tarrytown Learning Center  offers a variety of workshops for both teachers and teaching assistants.  These workshops are brought to you by the Tarrytown Regional Office of NYSUT and NYSUT Education and Learning Trust in collaboration with the Lower Hudson Network of Teacher Centers  Visit the link below for more information on courses and workshops for teachers and SRP's:



    Click here to read NYSED CTLE website

    COVID 19 related updates to CTLE:  Click here to read COVID 19 related updates to CTLE

    Keep track of ALL your CTLE hours, do not rely only on MLP to track them!  Click here for a recording sheet to keep track of all your hours!






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  • CTLE regulations



    We highly encourage all teachers to keep paper and digital records of all your workshops, trainings and courses.  




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  • NTC Professional Library

    We have a wealth of resources in our library, located in the Teacher Center offices at the Administration building, that are available to be borrowed.  Visit the link below.  Type in the specific book, author, or subject you would like and then if you find what you are looking for all you have to do is check the box and click "request to borrow."  We will make arrangements to either have the book delivered to you via interoffice mail or you can stop by the office to pick it up.    We always welcome suggestions on titles to add to our library so please feel free to reach out to us with requests.

    In addition, we have 2 Swivl docs and mini ipads which teachers can borrow. These are great resources to support professional growth because they let you record portions of a lesson so you can use them for reflection and feedback.  We can arrange for training on how to use the Swivl doc if you are interested. 



    Teacher Center
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Nyack Teacher Center
13 A Dickinson Avenue, Nyack, NY 10960

Joe Fusaro, Director
Nyack Teacher Center

(845) 353-7178
(845) 353-7019 (Fax) email:


Tracey A. Cummings, Assistant Director
Nyack Teacher Center
(845) 353-7057
(845) 353-7019 (Fax) email:


Joanne DeGregory, Early Childhood Program
Nyack Teacher Center
845-353 7057 (work)
845-216-1190 (cell) email:


Hours of Operation:

Tuesday and Thursday 11:00-3:00 pm

Please call 845 353-7060 x1117 for access to the center outside of these hours.

NTC email:    ntc@nyackschools.org

NTC Director email:  jfusaro@nyackschools.org

NTC Assistant Director email: tcummings@nyackschools.org



Nyack Professional Academy Course/Book Club Proposals

If you are interested in teaching a course or book club through the Nyack Professional Academy, you can can access the proposal form(s) below.  Be sure to make a copy when adding them to your Google Drive, before beginning to fill them in.   Return the completed documents  via email to mosullivan@nyackschools.org.     No course proposal will be accepted unless a detailed syllabus is include.  

Currently accepting proposals for the Winter/Spring 2022 semester.

Book Club Proposal

Course Proposal





Lower Hudson Teacher Center Newtork Professional Development

 Technology professional development - Borrow the Nyack Teacher Center's SWIVL doc and Ipad!  The professional development possibilities are endless!  You can record a portion of your lesson to share with a colleague for feedback.  Engage in Professional learning without ever leaving the classroom!   Contact the Teacher Center to borrow the SWIVL doc and set up a personalized training on how to use the device.


2021-2022 Nyack Teacher Center Policy Board

List of Policy Board members, approved at the May 26, 2021 meeting. Link to most recent Policy Board Meeting minutes below.


LINK TO January 26, 2022 Policy Board Minutes HERE:






Be sure you keep paper copies of all  CTLE certificates you receive from workshops and courses you complete.   According to the state, teachers and teaching assistants are now responsible for maintaining their professional development hours log, including documentation.  For more information, please click the following link: NYSED CTLE WEBSITE


Annual Transitions Conference

Our Annual Transitions Conference was held this past March, and we look forward to a brand, new conference this spring! Date TBA soon.

This year includes a collaboration with Rockland Teacher Center in launching a regional Professional Learning Community (PLC) specifically for PreK - grade 1 educators!  

Feel free to reach out to our early childhood program coordinators:  Christina Clark  cclark@nyackschools.org and Joanne DeGregory  jdegregory@nyackschools.org



Nyack's New Teacher Professional Development Program Important Dates for Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 Workshops

Mark your calendars!

Register on MyLearning Plan

For each of the year 1, year 2 and year 3 series, participants must attend a total  of 5 workshops, totaling 15 hours in order to earn 1 in-service credit.

Year 1 workshops:    September 28, October 26, November 22, January 31, March 28, April 26, May 23   (7 sessions)

Year 2 and 3 workshops:   October 26, November 22, January 31, March 28, April 26, May 23 (6 sessions)

Policy Board meetings:  October 20, November 17, January 19, April 13 , May 18,  June 8* if budget does not pass at the May 18th meeting