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Carleen Millsaps  
Deputy Superintendent  - 845 353-7033

 Gloria Menoutis                                                                     
 School Business Executive  - 845 353-7022         

 Marie Prats   - 845 353-7033                                  Katrin Brainard - 845 353-7026
 Secretary to Deputy Superintendent                   Payroll

Karen Sher   -  845 353-7041                                   Beth Phillips - 845 353-7027
Transportation/HR                                                         Secretary

Madeline Planamenta - 845 353-7025                                                
Accounts Payable

Welcome to the Business Department

The mission of the Business Office is to make sure that the educational program has the resources to provide a well-rounded educational experience to all students in the Nyack Union Free School District. We want each student to achieve their best and continue to strive toward their own individual goals. To make sure the educational process functions without interruption involves developing a fiscally prudent budget so we can order supplies and materials as needed, pay invoices in a timely manner, process payroll on schedule, provide safe and efficient transportation, maintain the buildings and grounds in a manner conducive to the educational program, continuously improve our health and safety program, and serve warm, nutritious meals daily. Simultaneously, we must meet numerous regulatory timelines and prepare reports that are clear and accurate. By keeping the finances in good order, the primary focus of the District remains on the educational program, rather than fiscal concerns.