District Announcements

  • The 2017-18 Proposed Budget was presented at the April 18th BOE meeting and is available to the public.

    Please see the attached presentation made by Dr. Montesano to the Board of Education. 

    Our annual Budget Newsletter, Straight Talk, will be mailed out to all District residents on Friday, May 5th.  It will include a message from our Superintendent and BOE President, Karen Hughes, along with Points of Pride, the Budget Notice, a listing of the BOE Trustee candidates on the ballot, and a Q&A section.

    The Budget/Trustee Vote is on Tuesday, May 16th, 2017.  Please remember to vote.

  • The attached letter from Dr. Montesano was sent to District families and all staff on 3/24/17 RE: undocumented & immigrant students rights.

    This letter also contains a link to a statement from the New York State Attorney General Schneiderman and Education Commissioner Elia advising schools on protecting immigrant students, "In Light of Recent Federal Immigration-Related Actions, Guidance Reminds Districts of Their Duty to Uphold the Rights of Immigrant Students and Safeguard Student Data".

    Nyack Public Schools is steadfast in its commitment to protecting the rights of all students. 

    The letter is attached in English, Spanish and Haitian Creole.  Thank you for your attention to this.

  • Thursday, March 30th is our 3rd Community Forum and "Innovation Now" Showcase, 7:00-8:30 pm at Nyack Center

    Are We Future-Ready?  Nyack Public Schools are preparing students NOW.  Come and See How on Thursday, March 30th at our Community Forum and Innovation Now Showcase featuring an EdTalk with Dr. Montesano, Superintendent of Schools.  The Innovation Now Showcase will feature a room full of demos, displays and dialogue with teachers, administrators and staff.  Join us for this exciting community event at Nyack Center. 

    Doors open at 6:30pm.  EdTalk starts at 7pm. This event is free and open to the public. We hope you join us!

  • Please see the 2/27/17 letter from Dr. Montesano RE: Transgender Student Rights which was sent District-wide to families and staff

    The statement contains a link to the 2/23/17 Press Release from Attorney General Schneiderman and State Education Commissioner Elia issuing a reminder that New York State protects transgender students.  A second link contains a July 2015 "Guidance to School Districts for Creating a Safe and Supportive School Environment for Transgender and Nonconforming Students", issued by the NY State Education Department (NYSED).  A third link contains results  of a statewide school district survey designed to help determine whether public schools are meeting their obligations under the Dignity for All Students Act (DASA).

    Nyack Public Schools will continue to fully support the July 2015 guidance document issued by NYSED.

    A quote from Dr. Montesano's letter was featured in The Journal News 3-21-17 article, "Safe & Secure".

  • The BOE approved the 2017-18 School Calendar at the Feb. 7th, 2017 meeting. The PDF is attached, below, for your convenience.

  • Our online School Directories provide direct links to all teachers' email addresses

    Your school's online Directory provides a listing of all staff in each building.  If you would like to send an email to your child's teacher, simply click on their email address provided in the Directory. For quick and easy access, your school's Directory is located in the Navigation Bar under "About Us" at each school site. Other helpful links are located as a series of icons under "District Links":  Our Schools; Let's Talk; Peachjar; Parent Portal; and In the News.  

    We encourage you to stay connected and use these links often.

  • Kindergarten Registration is now OPEN. Children who turn 5 years of age by December 1, 2017 are eligible to register.

    To find out how to register your incoming Kindergartner, please go to our District homepage at www.nyackschools.org; click on "Parent Resources" at the top of the page in the Navigation Bar; scroll down and click on "Registration".  Follow the directions for online registration.  Once you have registered online OR if you have any questions regarding the process, please contact the District's Registrar's Office at 353 - 7038 to make an appointment.  Thank you.

  • Registration is ongoing for 2016-17 School Year

    Please click on the REGISTRATION Quick Link located on this homepage to begin the process and access online registration through Infinite Campus.

    Nyack Public Schools
  • REMINDER Regarding the District's NEW Media Release Opt-Out Form and Protocol

    Parents and Guardians: the District has a NEW Media Release/Opt Out protocol that will go into effect this month, October, 2016.  All parents/guardians should have received the attached letter in their summer mailing  that  included  a September 26th deadline for any "Opt Outs".   Parents/guardians who do not wish their child's photograph to be featured on our new websites must have checked the appropriate boxes on this form and have sent it back to their child's school.  Please call the District's Office of Public Relations at (845) 353-7013 with any questions regarding this new protocol.  The Media Opt Out Form is one that can be filled out at any time but must be kept at the school building level for easy access by staff and to ensure that the protocol  is effectively followed. The District looks forward to celebrating daily accomplishments and sharing them via posts to our new District sites.


Mission Statement

We, the students, parents, community and staff of the Nyack School District VALUE:

…the pursuit of scholastic excellence
…the richness of our diverse community
…harmonious relationships among individuals and groups
…partnerships among students, staff, parents, and community
…respect for self, and others
…responsible ethical behavior that engenders trust
…individuals who think critically and creatively
…ongoing involvement in local and global issues
…development of essential skills and attitudes for a productive life
…a safe and nurturing environment


 To embody these values, we ENVISION:

A community, proud of its traditions, that uses the richness of its diversity to meet the needs of all students and prepare them for a rapidly changing world. In a spirit of collaboration, we provide an environment that fosters scholastic excellence, cultural appreciation, and ethical behavior.  Nyack is a community of lifelong learners, encouraging new ideas to shape a positive future.


Guided by our values and vision, we will STRIVE to:

⇒ Nurture a love of learning
⇒ Yield positive outcomes
Appreciate diversity
Care for each other
Keep on the path to excellence


Curriculum and Instruction

 The District's Core Elements of Education are infused into classrooms and curriculum through joint commitment of administrators and staff in a growing effort to transform the educational experience of each and every one of our students.  Through extensive educational, artistic, enrichment, and recreational opportunities each child is encouraged to become a well-rounded, enthusiastic learner.  In all curriculum areas innovative,  interdisciplinary, hands-on learning is emphasized.  

Visit our Curriculum & Instruction Department for more information.

To meet diverse student needs,  staff provides a team approach for students with learning difficulties and the most able students are challenged by differentiated instruction and open enrollment in honors advanced placement courses.  Our programs and initiatives bolster a long-standing commitment to intervention and support for universal student success. Students are encouraged to develop understanding in a globalized society that requires skills to make positive choices in areas of conflict resolution, bias awareness, substance and sexual abuse prevention, health-related issues, and diverse family structures. 

A rigorous professional development plan and curriculum revision reflect Nyack's commitment to excellence, and alignment with New York State standards.  In conjunction, effective teaching strategies are reinforced via ongoing staff training provided by both the District and Nyack's own faculty-run Teachers Center. 


A primarily residential community in Rockland County, Nyack's approximately 23,000 residents live in six villages and hamlets:  Central Nyack, Nyack, South Nyack, Upper Grandview, Upper Nyack and Valley Cottage.  Situated 20 miles north of mid-Manhattan, just over the Tappan Zee Bridge, the District encompasses eight square miles that embody the best of the old and the new.  

Located along the banks of the Hudson River, the District is distinguished by charming downtown shops and restaurants; small communities with local business owners; vibrant venues for music, visual and performing arts; two major shopping malls;  picturesque park lands and hiking trails; a major hospital; a variety of housing options; and easy access to major transportation modes leading to a host of academic and cultural resources.

To find out more about "the Art and Soul" of Nyack, visit the Village of Nyack Official Web Site.



Nyack's rich blend of races, cultures, religions and socio-economic groups form a population mix that is both a genuine source of pride and valuable educational resource.  The community's participation is sought for task forces, planning committees, cultural activities, and site based management teams.  At each building, PTA groups are providing abundant enrichment and support to the schools.  All three elementary schools and the middle school have Family Resource Centers that facilitate connection of  families, school and community. Interaction between the District and the community is a priority, drawing all together in a partnership aimed at shaping a dynamic future for both students and residents.  

To view the results and analysis of our 2016 Community Priorities Survey, Click Here 

NY State Report Card

The New York State Report Card is issued annually and compares Nyack's student performance results with those in similar schools (Those with similar socio-economic make-up) over a three year period.  It is both an additional evaluation tool and a planning road map.

This District continues to emphasize that excellence is not a place, but a journey. On the path to excellence there are numerous other indicators of success, such as student participation in more challenging courses.  A combination of varied measures gives a more accurate profile of a District's success and each should be monitored regularly.

Data Highlights

Enrollment Total as of 5/16:   2,994

Liberty School (K-5)

Upper Nyack School (K-5 ) 

Valley Cottage School (K-5)

Nyack Middle School (6-8) 

Nyack High School (9-12) 

Out of District Placements 

Ethnic Composition:

  • White: 48%
  • Latino: 22%
  • Black: 19%
  • Asian: 7%
  • Multi-Racial:  4%
  • American Indian/Alaskan Native:  0.1%

Average Class Size:

  • (K-5) 21; (6-12) 24

Transportation Eligibility:

  • 1 mile or more for students gr. K-8
  • 1.5 miles or more for students gr. 9-12

Fiscal Facts:

  • 2016 - 17 Budget: $80,700,000
  • Students with Free/Reduced Lunch: 21%

Achievement Highlights:

  • Nyack High School placed on the 5th Annual AP Honor Roll by The College Board:  2014-15

  • 2016 graduates on to college:  91%

  • 2015 National Merit Scholars: 2 commended students

  • 2015 Designated Scholar in the National Hispanic Recognition Program: 3 students

  • 2015 National AP International Diploma Honor of Distinction: 1 student
  • 2015 National Achievement Scholarship Recognition as an Outstanding Participant: 5 students

  • 2015 Semi-Finalist in the Intel Science Student Talent Search:  1 student

  • 18 Advanced Placement courses offered

  • 101 Advanced Placement Scholars, who are among the top18% of the test takers

  • 17 2015-16 Athletic teams received NYS Scholar/Athlete Team Awards – team members had combined academic averages of over 90%

For Your Information

Gr. K-5: 8:50 AM – 3:20 PM
Gr. 6-8: 8:05 AM – 2:50 PM
Gr. 9-12: 7:30 AM – 2:15 PM

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT in the schools is encouraged on all levels. Community members are invited to join shared decision-making teams at the school and District level, as well as to share their talents and experiences with our students. Input is welcomed a t bimonthly public Board meetings, or via letters or phone calls to District Offices. If you would like to volunteer in the schools, please call the building or the Public Information Office.

NEW K-12 GUIDANCE PROGRAM is being developed in the 2016-17 school year under a new Director of Guidance.  Currently, the Middle School and Senior High Schools offer individual counseling for academic and social adjustment, program scheduling, post high school preparation and career guidance.  Conferences can be arranged with teachers, administrators, school psychologists, social workers, nurses and the school/community counselor.  Parents are encouraged to meet with counselors to discuss their child's progress and to attend pertinent evening meetings as well. To arrange afternoon and evening meetings, call the Guidance Office.  
PARENT/TEACHER CONFERENCES are held formally twice a year at the elementary schools and once a year at the Middle and High Schools (see listings). During conferences teachers report on a child's academic progress, and social development.  Parents are urged to attend and share information about their child in order to promote better understanding of the student. Additional conferences may be scheduled at any time and concerns and questions should be addressed to the teacher as they arise.

TRANSLATION SERVICES AVAILABLE  Si le hace falta información traducida en español, llame a Yesenia Polanco 353-7042.  Si ou bezwen enfòmasyon tradui an kreyòl, rele Jocelyne Abraham nan 353-7044.  Contact your Family Resource Center or Community Liaison listed on the back of this calendar.  A NEW Language Button is featured on our new sites at the top of each home page.  Click on it for immediate translation in almost 100 languages.
RECORDS AND RIGHTS: The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) acknowledges parents’ right to know what appears in their child’s educational records.  Records are available through school principals or the Guidance Office.  Parents have the right to challenge record information, to place a written rebuttal in the file and to exercise some control over disclosure of records. In accordance with these rights, the Nyack Public Schools will not disclose information from students' records without prior written request of a parent or eligible (18 or over) student, except as permitted by law. A record of requests for information disclosures is maintained and may be seen by those eligible.  Anyone seeking to change a record or see the complete Privacy Act should contact the Superintendent's Office.

SCHOOL MEALS, both breakfast and lunch, based on federal nutritional guidelines are served in each school. Prices are (gr. K-5) $1.00 for breakfast  and $2.35 for lunch AND (gr. 6-12) $1.25 for breakfast and $2.55 for lunch. FREE OR REDUCED MEALS ARE AVAILABLE BASED ON INCOME LEVELS. Call Denise Hogg at 353-7036 for more information.

EMERGENCY COMMUNICATION It is important that the District has your correct phone number and/or email on file. This system enables families and staff to receive rapid phone calls and e-mails about important school matters and emergency situations. All contact information is downloaded from the District’s school data files.  Call 353-7038 if you have an update or change to make in your contact information. 

CLOSINGS/EARLY DISMISSAL The decision to cancel school is based upon the District’s regard for the safety of all students, walkers and those transported.  Parents must have a
plan of action to follow if schools must be closed early and no one is home.  The District will report closings/delays via Robo calls by 6AM.  Robo phone calls and emails are
 sent out to all District families and staff.  Announcements are posted to the District website in the alert bar at the top of the page.

FACILITIES USAGE Indoor and outdoor facilities may be used by civic and community groups. Fees, when applicable, are predetermined. Call 353-7135 for details.

SEX OFFENDER NOTIFICATION According to Board policy the District will notify families that a sex offender has moved into the District when it is informed by the Police. Sign up with the Department of Criminal Justice to get a direct alert when an offender has moved into your zip code.

SENIOR CITIZENS (over age 65) who are residents of the school District are eligible for a Gold Card which entitles them to free admissions to Nyack Schools' cultural and sports events. If they do not have a gold card they can show proof of residency and also be admitted for free.  A school tax exemption on a sliding scale of up to 50% of assessed property valuation is available to senior residents with an annual income of less than $18,500. Information is available directly from the Tax Assessor's Office in either Clarkstown or Orangetown.
The Public Information Office is available as a resource for all information concerning the District, Contact LISA RETALLACK (Phone: 845-353-7013, Fax: 845-353-7019) at the Administration Building with requests, comments, and suggestions.

Program Sampler

Before & After School Programs enrich and motivate students. STARS provides reading tutoring, enrichment programs are available at the elementary levels. Grades 6-12 have clubs, homework help and sports after school.

Waldron Terrace & Nyack Center Home Work Clubs boost confidence and bolster skills while also strengthening communication between students and teachers in students’ neighborhoods.

Center for Success is a learning center at the High School, staffed by faculty, where students can go for help with their studies.

The Da Vinci Center is at the heart of a multi media program that promotes the most current media literacy. A state-of-the-art Mac Lab and 3D printers now support the work of Film and TV
Production, Media Communication, Computer Graphics and Engineering.

Prevention Programs include DARE (Drug Awareness Resistance Education), led by the local police, and OCADA-sponsored clubs such as SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions)
Heroes and Cool Kids, Iron Will Kids, Positive Action and Teen Council.

Summer Music Programs in strings and band are offered for a nominal fee to students and expand the students’ musical experiences.

Summer Kindergarten Readiness ensures that incoming students who need the opportunity, can enter Kindergarten, ready to learn.

Family Resource Centers offer a variety of free programs, support and work shops that engage families. PreSchool Literacy, ENL Outreach and Parent workshops connect community to schools.

Efficacy Academy is a summer program that teaches “growth mindset” to raise self-esteem in 5th graders and prepares them for entering the middle school years.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Robotics Engineering is taught in grade K-8. STEMscopes, for K-5, provides a hands-on approach that is inquiry-based. Project Lead the Way, for K-12, focuses on engineering and projectbased problem solving to increase critical thinking.

The Sister Schools Program at the High School is now in its 19th year of reciprocal exchanges with schools in France and Senegal. The program helps nurture respect and understanding for different cultures.

WISE (Wise Individualized Senior Experience) provides high school seniors the opportunity to work with staff mentors on community internships or research projects allowing them to explore personal interests and careers. A daily journal and culminating oral presentation are required for credit.

Fresh Start Alternative High School Program provides effective, comprehensive and flexible ways for students to complete courses for graduation. A smaller class size and unique physical setting provides 1-to-1 support and computer access.

Bilingual Classes at the elementary level is piloting a way for ENL (English as a New Language) learners to succeed at an early age.

Mentoring Opportunities with MS SOAR offer role-models for students and prevention-based support groups and activities.

Project SEE (Student Enrichment Experiences) is a 6th grade, two-day team-building camping trip that promotes mutual respect for others.