Elementary School Counseling

We want to hear from you:

Mr. Hogg, UN and VCE guidance counselor would like to hear from you, please complete his daily check in: https://forms.gle/xmzTsFfcFy3mJr5k6

Ms. Gomez, bilingual counselor at Liberty and UN would like to hear from you, please complete her daily check in: https://forms.gle/U1Wh9HNiEQC6MPpQ9 

Being out of school and hearing about the coronavirus may make you feel scared or anxious. If you need someone to talk to, be sure to reach out to your guidance counselor through email or our daily "check in" form.

Lesson 1: Calming our Worries


Please see direct links to recorded Lessons for Second Step.  As you know , the Nyack School district is committed to the health and well being of all of our students. This year the elemetnary counselors were busy providing elementary aged students with SEL lessons through the SECOND STEP Curriculum. Due to COVID 19, SECOND STEP has supplied us with recorded lessons for you to view at home.

Lesson 12 https://bit.ly/SSKinderLesson12
Lesson 13 https://bit.ly/SSKinderLesson13
Lesson 14 http://bit.ly/SSKinderLesson14
Lesson 15 https://bit.ly/SSKinderLesson15
Lesson 16 https://bit.ly/SSKinderLesson16
Lesson 17 https://bit.ly/SSKinderLesson17
Lesson 18 https://bit.ly/SSKinderLesson18
Lesson Guides https://www.secondstep.org/covid19support/kindergartenlessons

Grade 1
Lesson 12 https://bit.ly/SSGrade1Lesson12
Lesson 13 https://bit.ly/SSGrade1Lesson13
Lesson 14 https://bit.ly/SSGrade1Lesson14
Lesson 15 https://bit.ly/SSGrade1Lesson15
Lesson 16 https://bit.ly/SSGrade1Lesson16
Lesson Guides https://www.secondstep.org/covid19support/grade-1-

Grade 2
Lesson 11 https://bit.ly/SSGrade2Lesson11
Lesson 12 https://bit.ly/SSGrade2Lesson12
Lesson 13 https://bit.ly/SSGrade2Lesson13
Lesson 14 https://bit.ly/SSGrade2Lesson14
Lesson 15 https://bit.ly/SSGrade2Lesson15
Lesson 16 https://bit.ly/SSGrade2Lesson16
Lesson Guides https://www.secondstep.org/covid19support/grade-2-

Grade 3
Lesson 11 https://bit.ly/SSGrade3Lesson11
Lesson 12 https://bit.ly/SSGrade3Lesson12
Lesson 13 https://bit.ly/SSGrade3Lesson13
Lesson 14 https://bit.ly/SSGrade3Lesson14
Lesson 15 https://bit.ly/SSGrade3Lesson15
Lesson 16 https://bit.ly/SSGrade3Lesson16
Lesson Guides https://www.secondstep.org/covid19support/grade-3-

Grade 4
Lesson 10 https://bit.ly/SSGrade4Lesson10
Lesson 11 https://bit.ly/SSGrade4Lesson11
Lesson 12 https://bit.ly/SSGrade4Lesson12
Lesson 13 https://bit.ly/SSGrade4Lesson13
Lesson 14 https://bit.ly/SSGrade4Lesson14
Lesson 15 https://bit.ly/SSGrade4Lesson15
Lesson Guides https://www.secondstep.org/covid19support/grade-4-

Grade 5
Lesson 9 https://bit.ly/SSGrade5Lesson09
Lesson 10 https://bit.ly/SSGrade5Lesson10
Lesson 11 https://bit.ly/SSGrade5Lesson11
Lesson 12 https://bit.ly/SSGrade5Lesson12
Lesson 13 https://bit.ly/SSGrade5Lesson13
Lesson 14 https://bit.ly/SSGrade5Lesson14
Lesson 15 https://bit.ly/SSGrade5Lesson15
Lesson Guides https://www.secondstep.org/covid19support/grade-5-

Lesson 2: Responsibility ( Spanish)

Lesson 2: Responsibility ( English)

Lesson 3: Confidence

Lesson 3: Confidence ( Spanish)

Happiness Lesson #4

Happiness Lesson #4 ( spanish)

Lesson 5: Peaceful

Lesson 5: Peaceful ( Spanish)

Resources for parents in response to the COVID 19 school closure: