Elementary School Counseling

Quick Contacts

Lorraine Longing, Director of Guidance K- 12, 353- 7123, llonging@nyackschools.org

Marina Gomez, Elementary Guidance Counselor at Liberty, 353 - 7259,  mgomez@nyackschools.org

Jon Christopher Hogg, Elementary Guidance Counselor at  Valley Cottage , 353 - 7289, jhogg2@nyackschools.org

Andrea Perez, Elementary Guidance Counselor at Upper Nyack , 353- 7279 , aperez@nyackschools.org

Need to Know


Upper Nyack Elementary Main Office: (845)353-7260

Upper Nyack Elementary School Social Worker: Enisa Nikocevic: enikocevic@nyackschools.org

Upper Nyack Elementary School Psychologist: Kevin Lopez: klopez@nyackschools.org

Upper Nyack Elementary Guidance  Counselor: Andrea Perez: aperez@nyackschools.org


Liberty Elementary Main Office :(845) 353-7240 

Liberty Social Worker: Christine Delgado Weiss: cdelgadoweiss@nyackschools.org

Liberty School Psychologist: Dr. Elizabeth Di Prima: ediprima@nyackschools.org

Liberty Elementary Guidance Counselor: Marina Gomez: mgomez@nyackschools.org


Valley Cottage Elementary Main Office: (845)353 - 7280

Valley Cottage Elementary  Social Worker: Brett Sloane : bsloane@nyackschools.org

Valley Cottage Elementary  School psychologist: Margaret Byrne: Mbyrne@nyackschools.org

Valley Cottage Elementary Guidance Counselor : Jon - Christopher Hogg: jhogg2@nyackschools.org


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