Welcome to the Communications and Public Relations Department

"The basic building block of good communications is the feeling that every human being is unique and of value"  - Anonymous

The Nyack School District's Public Relations and Information Office has a comprehensive Communications Plan to keep our community informed, engaged and invested. Priority is placed on strengthening community relationships, celebrating daily accomplishments of our students and supporting our vision:

"Building Bridges for today's students to cross into tomorrow's world with Equity, Innovation and Optimism".   

Communications & Public Relations Goals

We are committed to providing public information that is clear and timely.

We encourage authentic dialogue and invite your comments, questions and concerns via "Let's Talk".

We are always listening for innovative ways to optimize outreach and engage our school community.

We proudly promote daily success stories featuring experiences, events and opportunities that embed our Core Elements of Education.

 "CITE" on Communications CITE  :  District Communication Plan on Prezi


  • Happy New Year from Nyack Public Schools to our beloved school community!

  • We invite you to peruse our newly posted web page for Equity, Inclusion and Innovation located under Departments on our District's site.

    Visit our NEW Equity, Inclusion and Innovation page to find out about our District's new Racial Equity Plan, access valuable information and resources, and meet our Director of Equity, Inclusion and Innovation - Dr. Alexandria Connally.

  • A Question & Answer doc regarding the Montefiore Nyack Hospital & Midland Ave. Field Parking is posted in response to community concerns

    The District has received some inquiries regarding the athletic fields located at the Old High School.  Attached please find a Q&A document that will provide accurate information regarding this District-owned space.  This document has been sent to our District families and community-wide.

    We are committed to keeping your school community informed regarding topics of interest and concern. Please feel free to use Let's Talk, located on the left-hand tab of our school websites to submit additional questions or concerns.

  • Our 2019-20 District Calendar features daily events and opportunities to stay connected to your school throughout the year.

    Please see the attached electronic version of our 2019-20 District Calendar, posted for your convenience. 

    Nyack Public Schools has a lot to be proud of and we celebrate our school community in the District Calendar.  We hope you enjoy the highlights reflected in it.