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  • MS Grade 8 Moving Up Ceremony 7:00 PM

    Nyack Public Schools
  • Last Day of School

    Nyack Public Schools
  • High School Graduation 8:00 PM

    Nyack Public Schools
  • High School Graduation Rain Date

    Nyack Public Schools
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From the Superintendent's Desk

 "In Nyack Public Schools, we believe that all children are capable learners."

We have a highly moral and very serious responsibility to prepare our young people for life after their school years in Nyack.  If we accept that the world is rapidly changing, what type of education do our students need?

In accordance with our District mission and results from our Community Priorities Survey, we have established core competencies that we believe all students need to become truly successful global citizens:  Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, Compassion, Content Mastery,  Cultural Awareness.  

One of our most critical responsibilities in school community is to demonstrate our collective belief in each and every child’s abilities and aspirations. If we are to achieve our purpose of giving every child the schooling that equips them to grow and thrive in the 21st century, we must help each and every one find their own unique purposes. As parents, guardians and care-givers, we can look back on our own educational experiences to find somebody in our lives that really demonstrated that they believed in us. We know that when a sense of efficacy exists in a classroom, there are good results for all children.  Our BOE, administration and staff are focused on how to uplift equity together.

Join Us in a shared vision of excellence in education with equity, innovation and optimism. 

Tell us what you think.  We are listening and want to keep our community engaged in authentic communication.  Let's Talk!  

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