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Understanding Your School Taxes

How Your School District Tax Rate Is Determined:   Nyack UFSD is a split district meaning that the burden of the tax levy is shared by both Town of Clarkstown and Town of Orangetown. The portion of the tax levy allocated to each town is based on the ratio of assessed values to the total market values of each municipal segment. An equalization rate is necessary in NYS to determine a municipality’s level of assessment (LOA). The simple ratio is the Total Assessed Value divided by Total Market Value. The LOA is determined by NYS (Albany). The assessor is required by law to state the municipal LOA on each year’s assessment roll. ORPTS (Office of Real Property Tax Services) reviews the work of the assessor and determines if the equalization rate is reasonable.

Each year in the month of July, the assessor for Town of Clarkstown and Town of Orangetown send a letter to Nyack UFSD. This letter states the Equalization Rate in addition to the total Assessed Value and total Taxable Value of all Homestead and Non-Homestead properties. The school district uses the information in this letter to determine each town’s share of the tax levy. The total tax levy is determined by the budget approved in May of each year which is offset by state aid, reserve funds, and fund balance.

Resolutions approved by the Board of Education for Nyack Public Schools to establish the tax rates for the school years 2022-23 and 2023-24 are itemized in the link, below, for comparison. For school year 2022-23, the percent change in homestead and non- homestead rates for Town of Clarkstown was lower than Town of Orangetown. For school year 2023-24, Town of Clarkstown’s increase was higher than Town of Orangetown.   

 Two Year Tax Rate Comparison for Nyack Public Schools 

Click on the following link for more information on the NY State Equalization Rate and how it relates to your school tax rate: Understanding the Equalization Rate.