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Nyack Public School's Strategic, Action Plan and Report For Excellence Through Racial Equity

  The Nyack Public Schools Strategic Plan for Excellence through Racial Equity is a systematic process of achieving equity in our school district. The primary focus of this document connects key areas: vision, mission, goal, background, statement of beliefs, milestones and focus areas. The focus areas are comprised of four pillars. 

Pillar I – Culturally Responsive Workforce

Pillar II – Culturally Responsive Teaching & Learning

Pillar III – Culturally Responsive Family & Community Engagement

Pillar IV – Cultural & Organizational Transformation  





May Is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month!

Director of Equity, Inclusion and Innovation Dr.Connally


Dr. Alexandria Connally 

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Article of Interest

May Is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month!

As you plan for the upcoming Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we encourage you to celebrate and teach the diversity of AAPI identities. Then, keep going by incorporating AAPI voices into your curricula all year long. You can begin with these resources.


The Pillars in Action


By “cultural responsiveness,” Nyack Public Schools means “the knowledge, beliefs, skills, attitudes, and practices that allow individuals to form relationships and create learning environments that support academic achievement and personal development of learners from diverse racial and cultural groups.”

This year Nyack Public School partnered with other school districts in Rockland County to host a Diversity Job Fair. 

 Rockland Diversity Job Fair 002.pdf 



In order for the District to achieve excellence through equity, we must provide all students with rigorous, culturally responsive, and engaging learning environments that accelerate their academic achievement and personal growth.

Starting a Virtual Ambassador

Program at Your School

A team made up of 5th-grade students. These exclusive students are the “face, voice, and role model” of the student body. Ambassadors are able to share ideas with the advisors and principal regarding school-related topics such as school activities.

The Role- Ambassadors help share students' ideas, interests, and concerns with advisors and school principals. The Ambassadors are responsible to assist students virtually or in the school or (when needed). Ambassadors will be able to provide emotional support to students (depending on the situation and approved by supervising staff and principal).  They will be included in helping develop social events, community projects, helping people in need, and school reform.

 Starting a Virtual Ambassador Program at Your School.pdf 



The Nyack UFSD invites you to join The FACE of Nyack, our Family and Community Engagement steering committee. We would be honored to have you work alongside us in advancing equity and culturally responsive practices across our schools and within each of our classrooms.

The goals of The FACE of Nyack are:

  • To empower our families by leveraging district and community resources to maximize student learning, and engage them as active citizens.
  • To build parent agency by holding quarterly family cafés to build community and share sustainable practices and strategies on family-driven topics.
  • To create a safe and affirming environment by adapting and building district structures and systems to facilitate access and bridge the home-school connection.
  • To promote and sustain a relationship of trust and respect between schools and families, recognizing that student achievement and school improvement are shared responsibilities.

The challenges of the pandemic have made clear the importance of building and sustaining community, and of collaborating for the benefit of all - especially our children! We understand you may have limited time, and participating in The FACE of Nyack may be challenging, but we would appreciate your time and effort. Please join us on Wednesday, February 9th at 6 pm for our initial meeting at the Hilltop Auditorium at the District office. For those unable to join us in person, we will also provide access via Zoom. Together we embark on this journey of authentic engagement to empower relationships that will evolve as the FACE of Nyack progresses.



In order for the District to achieve excellence through racial equity, our system must undergo a cultural and organizational transformation to build a culture of inclusion that actively challenges institutional racism. The Board of Education and Administrative Leadership Team must actively examine and dismantle systemic policies, programs, and practices that serve to perpetuate racial achievement disparities.

0105 Excellence Through Racial Equity.pdf  

0105-R Excellence Through Racial Equity Regulation.pdf  


Resources and Data 

Nyack Public Schools Equity and Inclusion Resource Guides

These resource guides are designed to provide supportive materials to empower our staff and students.  The guides contain a comprehensive list of helpful resources such as articles, videos, grade level books, and the like. Our goal is to provide our building communities with tools that will educate and foster fruitful discussions as we continue to work towards eliminating institutional racism and engage in talks involving current events. Students need books that serve as both “mirrors and windows,” that reflect their own experience and give them insight into lives and experiences different from their own.  Educators play a crucial role in providing students with the language to speak openly about social inequities and discrimination. These guides provide teachers and families comprehensive lesson plans, talking points, and media to continue evolving as developing inclusive education is a journey that never ends.

 Resource Guide K - 5.pdf  Resource Guide 6-8.pdf  Resource Guide 9-12.pdf 

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The Research Says...

New York State School Boards Association Conference

Institutional Racism: Raising awareness and meeting the needs of all students 


Karen Hughes, Former Board President/Current Board Member, Nyack Public Schools

Dr. James Montesano, Former Superintendent, Nyack Public Schools

Dr. Anael Alston, Asst. Commissioner, Office of Access, Equity and Community Engagement, New York State Education Department

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