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Nyack Public School's Strategic Plan Excellence Through Racial Equity

Nyack Public School Racial Equity Action Plan

The action plan has three components: the framework (based on the strategies), the execution (the work to be done), and the implementation which includes delivery, metrics, and measurement. Attached are the A level priorities.  

 Action Plan_Communication Plan_Updated - Priority A.pdf 

Equity Steering Committee Report - January 2021

The Nyack Public Schools Equity Steering Committee meets monthly. Attached is the January Nyack Board of Education Equity Steering Committee Report.  

 January 2021 - Equity Steering Committee Report_posted.pdf 

Director of Equity, Inclusion and Innovation Dr. Connally








Dr. Alexandria Connally 

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Black History Month


THE PRATT IN THE HAT is a short film about Frances Pratt, her colorful hats, her prattisms, and her civil rights leadership, beginning in 1957 through her retirement as the President of the Nyack, NY Branch of the NAACP this year. THE PRATT IN THE HAT is a celebration of Pratt’s unique wisdom which she gained through observation and perseverance as a woman of color.



Why We Need Black History Month—Especially This Year


 Black History Month Resources.pdf 

Black History Month begins February 1! And while we know anti-racist educators teach Black history year-round, we hope these resources will help you consider how you're framing the month this particular year. Learn more about the need for—and history behind—Black History Month and get support for teaching Black history in a way that moves beyond trauma and embraces liberation and resistance.


Nyack Public School Celebrates Black History


At VCE, the equity team is dedicating each month to a topic to teach our students the importance of inclusion and diversity.  In February VCE celebrated Black History Month! Their bulletin board showcased the many contributions that have been made by notable black figures! During the month teachers engaged students with read-alouds and activities. 

This link will lead you to the Nyack High School Black History Assembly celebration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUAInJv9Ag0&feature=youtu.be

Mr. Bobo, a teacher at Upper Nyack Elementary, created the Black History video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1k3i2ZHQNPEQyvGe769c4QCMpByFckPX1/view?usp=sharing




Medgar Evers

Dove Men + Care & The NBPA - Commit to CARE Now

Gallery of Excellence



Mattering to Others at School

Academically Successful African American Male Urban High School Students’Experiences of Mattering to Others at School

 Mattering to Others at School.pdf 

Mattering in Middle School Art

December Mattering Newsletter

Warming Up  WIth Mattering 


Mattering Campaign Newsletter_Issue 3_December 2020.pdf 

Read Woke

I would like to thank Librarian Birro for launching the Read Woke initiative. It reminds all of us that books matter. The attached PDF will give you an introduction to this amazing opportunity.


 Read Woke Website Image 002.pdf 

Resources and Data 

Nyack Public Schools Equity and Inclusion Resource Guides

These resource guides are designed to provide supportive materials to empower our staff and students.  The guides contain a comprehensive list of helpful resources such as articles, videos, grade level books, and the like. Our goal is to provide our building communities with tools that will educate and foster fruitful discussions as we continue to work towards eliminating institutional racism and engage in talks involving current events. Students need books that serve as both “mirrors and windows,” that reflect their own experience and give them insight into lives and experiences different from their own.  Educators play a crucial role in providing students with the language to speak openly about social inequities and discrimination. These guides provide teachers and families comprehensive lesson plans, talking points, and media to continue evolving as developing inclusive education is a journey that never ends.

 Resource Guide K - 5.pdf  Resource Guide 6-8.pdf  Resource Guide 9-12.pdf 

Dual Enrollment and Project Lead The Way

Nyack Public Schools is excited to partner with colleges to continue our dual enrollment programs.  DE PLTW Flyer Eng Spa Cre.pdf 

Nyack High School 2021-2022 Program of Studies

This program of studies is provided to inform students, parents and guardians, about available courses and sequences, programs, and graduation requirements. This catalog is intended to answer questions that may arise regarding your child’s course of study. As you read through it, you are encouraged to reach out to administration, counselors and/or teachers with questions or concerns regarding academic, career and personal/social goals.

Este programa de estudios se proporciona para informar a los estudiantes, padres y tutores, sobre los cursos y secuencias disponibles, programas y requisitos de graduación. Este catálogo tiene como objetivo responder a las preguntas que puedan surgir en relación con el curso de estudios de su hijo. A medida que lo lea, se le anima a que se ponga en contacto con la administración, los consejeros y/o los profesores con preguntas o inquietudes relacionadas con los objetivos académicos, profesionales y personales/sociales.

 Program of Studies 2021-2022 Spanish.pdf  Program of Studies 2021-2022.pdf 

Nyack Public School's Hiring Data

Pillar I, strategy 11 of the Action Plan for Excellence Through Racial Equity focuses on the recruitment of a diverse workforce. This is the Nyack Public School's hiring data representing years 2016 - 2019.  Hiring Data.pdf  

Museum of the Courageous: Nyack couples highlight stories that inspire

Black History Month Celebration - UNE