K-5 - Nyack Elementary Math Specialists: Michelle O'Sullivan (Valley Cottage Elementary, Tamara O'Sullivan (Liberty Elementary) and Ashley Chippa (Upper Nyack Elementary)

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Common Core Standards Resources

Click on a grade level below to see what standards your child will be striving to master during the 2016-17 year.  The standards are written as child-friendly "I can" statements so you can have a discussion about them with your child.

K-5 Math Resources (Symbaloo Webmix)

K-5 Math Manipulatives for "Hands-On" Learning at Home

Math and Literature



Heading to the library?  One great way to improve reading and learn about math concepts in a fun way is through both fiction and non-fiction literature.  Click on a grade level below and you will find a list of stories broken down by math content.


 Kindergarten math literature

 Grade 1 math literature 

 Grade 2 math literature 

 Grade 3 math literature

 Grade 4 math literature 2