Grade 4 Orchestra

Names of strings: 

violin and bass E, A, D, G

viola and cello A, D, G, C

Bile Them Cabbage Down Melody: F# F F F G- G-/ F# F F F E- E-/ F# F F F G- G/ F# F E E D- D-


D D A A B B A- G G F# F# E E D-

A A G G F# F# E-   A A G G F# F# E-

D D A A B B A- G G F# F# E E D-

Four Twinkle Rhythms:

Mississippi Hot Dog x8/ Thank you, sh! sir x4/ Stop Listen Stop Listen x4/ Mississippi Mississippi x8


Grade 5 Orchestra

Review note reading:




Buying vs. Renting an instrument

There are many instruments available on-line and in department stores for low prices. While these deals may seem attractive, they are usually not of the quality that will allow your child to succeed. These types of instruments often cost more money to repair when they break than their original purchase price.  
Inexpensive instruments do not hold tuning, they break easily, they do not have a good sound, and they are difficult to play.  Young students require a larger size of instrument once or twice a year until they are in middle school.  
It is important for your child to have the right tools to learn with during their first year.  If you are thinking about making a purchase, please talk with me first.