Nyack High School Athletics Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Nomination Form


Thank you For your interest in nominating someone for our Hall of Fame 

Please find the attached nomination form


Nyack HOF nomination form 2023.pdf 

Class of 2015

Inaugural Ceremony held October 8, 2015


Coach Anthony Boffa:   Anthony Boffa 2.pdf 

Bob Corvino:  Bob Corvino 1.pdf 

Welles Remy Crowther:  Welles Remy Crowther.pdf 

Robert Garrecht:  Robert Garrecht.pdf 

Jon Hess:  Jon Hess.pdf 

James (Jim) Kane:  James Jim Kane.pdf 

Stacy Sennas McGowan:  Stacey Sennas McGowan.pdf 

Nigel Morris:  Nigel Morris.pdf 

James Ridlon:  James Ridlon.pdf 

Dawn Royster:  Dawn Royster.pdf 

Steve Wanamaker Sr.:  Steve Wanamaker Sr.pdf 

Robert Woods:  Robert Woods.pdf 


Class of 2016


Marcel Cooper: Marcel Cooper.pdf

Gary Gary: Gary Gray.pdf

Julian Gould: Julian Gould.pdf

Jermaine Harris: Jermaine Harris.pdf

Paul Lankau:  Paul Lankau Sr.pdf

Erica Lawrence: Erica Lawrence.pdf

John F Reilly: John F Reilly.pdf  

Alvin E Simonds:  Alvin E.pdf  

Dan White: Dan White.pdf   

Shulton Whitley:  Shulton Whitley.pdf 

Class of 2017


Dave Billings: Dave Billings.pdf

Roger Brown:  Roger Brown.pdf

Ruth Case:  Ruth Case.pdf   

John Castellano:  John Castellano.pdf

Greg D'Auria:  Greg DAuria.pdf  

Scott Finaly:  Scott Finlay.pdf 

Ronnie King:  Ronnie R King.pdf

Max Krance:  Max Krance.pdf  

Dale Lydecker:  Dale Lydecker.pdf

 Allison Rohlwing:  Allison Rohlwing.pdf  

Class of 2018


Jim Brown: Jim Brown.pdf

Kevin Kane: Kevin Kane.pdf 

Stanley Lagrenade: Stanley Lagrenade.pdf

Elizabeth Lewis: Elizabeth Lewis.pdf 

Alan Pesner: Alan Pesner.pdf

Jose Saint Victor: Jose Saint Victor.pdf

Nina Victorin: Nina Victorin.pdf  

Homer Wanamaker: Homer Wanamaker.pdf

Ernest Watkins: Ernest Watkins.pdf

Dick Yerg:  Dick Yerg.pdf  

Class of 2019


Dan Berkowitz:  Dan Berkowitz.pdf 

G Nicholas Del Pizzo:  G Nicholas Del Pizzo.pdf

Devon Fallon:  Devon Fallon.pdf

Guy Gebbia:  Guy Gebbia.pdf 

Liz Gilroy:  Liz Gilroy.pdf

Loren Green:  Loren Green.pdf 

Stephanie Hopkins:  Stephanie Hopkins.pdf  

Michael Mack: Michael Mack.pdf 

Dave Siegriest :  Dave Siegriest.pdf 

Michael Wanamaker:  Michael Wanamaker.pdf