Welcome to the Nyack Schools Visual Arts Department!


December 13, 2021

Welcome to the Nyack Schools Visual Arts Department.

Happy Holidays to all.

Please feel free to reach out about any questions or course recommendations for your child.

Joe Fusaro, Visual Arts Chair





For information on Visual Arts Department programming please contact

Joe Fusaro, Visual Arts Dept Chair:  jfusaro@nyackschools.org

For information on specific K-12 Visual Arts classes please e-mail the teacher directly:

Liberty Elementary- Christine DiDio- cdidio@nyackschools.org 

Valley Cottage Elementary- Frank Milillo - fmilillo@nyackschools.org

Upper Nyack Elementary- Tanaisha Semidey - tsemidey@nyackschools.org

Nyack Middle School - Maxwell Wild and Danielle McDonald - mwild@nyackschools.org   dmcdonald@nyackschools.org

Nyack High School - Joe Fusaro - jfusaro@nyackschools.org

Deirdre Kenna- dkenna@nyackschools.org

Ed Walsh - ewalsh@nyackschools.org

Liana Venturella - lventurella@nyackschools.org

Jenna Klossner- jklossner@nyackschools.org

Caitlyn VanderMaas- cvandermaas@nyackschools.org





Join ArtWorks!

ArtWorks is a group of parents and alumni who help support extracurricular programs in the visual arts. Plus they're just wonderful fun people. Melanie Sullivan and Jill Rossiter have steered the ship for the past few years and we would love for you to join us! Please contact Joe Fusaro at jfusaro@nyackschools.org