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The English Honor Society seeks to promote interest and enjoyment in English, literature, and the humanities among the Nyack High School Community. Its purpose is to foster excellence in the English curriculum by advocating lifelong learning and participation in the betterment of the Nyack school community. Students in grades 10-12 are eligible for membership if they have completed at least one year of English, have and maintain an 85 weighted average in English classes offered at NHS, submit an application and transcript before the determined deadline, and faithfully attend lunch meetings of the organization to retain EHS status until graduation. DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS THIS YEAR: THURSDAY, OCTOBER 21st AT 11:59PM. If you wish to apply after the deadline, you may, but must complete an extra step. To apply after October 21st, bring a paper copy of the following to Ms. Moldovan: write a one page OUTRAGEOUS excuse for being a late applicant. The more ridiculous and funny, the better. This is ONLY required for those who miss the original deadline.
EHS Advisor - Ms. Moldovan