Welcome to the Social Studies Department

Social Studies encompass a seven year curriculum designed for students to develop a global historical perspective. Through an understanding of human challenges, reactions and accomplishments of the past and present, students will explore civilizations that have shaped our history. Students will develop an understanding of the history, geography and pluralistic nature of the civic institutions of the United States. They will be expected to demonstrate critical-thinking, decision making and problem solving skills when presented with multiple perspectives. The curriculum adheres to the New York State Education Department's course requirements and the Learning Standards for Social Studies.


Updated Curriculum Presentation:  Social Studies K-12 for May 3 BOE meeting final.pptx 

Contact Information

Thomas Di Leo

Social Studies Department Chairperson



Social Studies Staff

Mr. Thomas Di Leo - Social Studies Department Chair

  • Mrs. Mary Berat (HS)
  • Mr. Michael Burruano (HS)
  • Ms. Stephanie Conte (HS)
  • Ms. Jacqueline Di Nuzzo (HS)
  • Mr. Pat Gavigan (HS)
  • Mr. Andrew Gibson (HS)
  • Mr. Don Hains (HS)
  • Ms. Sandra Kozden (MS)
  • Mrs. Nina Labrada (MS)
  • Ms. Jennifer Lorenzo (HS)
  • Ms. Desiree Moyer (HS)
  • Mr. Vic Myers (MS)
  • Ms. Kaitlin Murphy (MS)
  • Ms. Erika Reed (MS)
  • Mr. James Siefert (HS)
  • Mr. Rob Wisner (MS)