District Announcements

  • It is with great pleasure that we announce the appointment of our NEW Director of Technology & Innovation, Darleen Nicolosi...

    Please read the letter from our Superintendent, James Montesano, regarding this new position, created as part of the District's 5-Year Technology Plan and filled by Ms. Darleen Nicolosi.

    "Globalization and technology have changed the way we live and learn, and schools need to emphasize the knowledge and skills that are necessary for success in the 21st century."

  • Welcome Back to School!

    Join us in partnership as we kick off a new school year and prepare all students to be "Future-Ready".  With a shared vision developed with YOU - our community -  we are focused on seven core competencies representing our Profile of a Nyack Graduate: Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, Compassion, Cultural Competence, Content Mastery.

    "In our schools, we are committed to the belief that all students possess great natural abilities. At the most fundamental level, the focus on education has to be on creating conditions in which students will want and be able to learn.  When children are encouraged to be curious and explore, the learning process opens up to new possibilities."    - James Montesano, Superintendent of Schools

    Together, we are building bridges for today's students to cross into tomorrow's world with equity, innovation and optimism.

  • ATHLETIC FIELD UPDATE: Please view the attached Q&A

    To keep our community informed regarding the status of our athletic fields, the District has put together an update with Q&A.  This  will also be posted via Peachjar for District families.

  • The NEW 2017-18 District Calendar is now available on our website !

    The calendar is attached to this announcement for your convenience and can be found on the District's homepage under "About Us" in the navigation bar. 

    Please note that in the mailed version the following important documents will be included as inserts:

    -  Free & Reduced Lunch Application and packet (for eligible families)

    - Health Certificate Form and Medication Order Form (for submission to school nurses)

    - Media Release Form (for parents/guardians who DO NOT give permission for their child's photo to be posted for District use)

    - Household Contact Verification Form - NEW (for households who have not already updated their contact info for  the District database)

    A Welcome Letter from our Superintendent, "Communication Matters", and 2017-18 District Calendar Year-at-a-Glance are also included as inserts.

    All District families will be receiving a copy of this calendar in the mail in the week of August 14th.  Please call the Public Relations Office at 353-7013 if you have not received one by August 18th.

  • It's mosquito & tick season! Please see the attached public service announcements on disease prevention, provided by Rockland Health Dept.


Community Liaison

The Community Liaison has many diverse responsibilities within the school district which help to serve our community members. These responsibilities include:

  • Assisting with the registration of non-English-speaking students
  • Assisting staff in communicating with non-English-speaking families
  • Assisting non-English-speaking families with school/community concerns
  • Working with the CSE and CPSE chairpersons on all matters pertaining to Special Education for non-English-speaking families including translation of IEPs and CSE meetings
  •  Assisting non-English-speaking parents in contacting and visiting social service agencies, such as DSS and Health Clinics
  • Interpreting at Parent/Teacher Conferences and Superintendents Hearings
  •  Assisting parents in accessing services from social service agencies
  • Making home visits to families
  • Translating all important school documents
  • Counseling families and students about school policies, procedures, etc.
  • Participating in the planning of ESL parent workshops and field trips

To contact our Community Liaisons, please call Jocelyne Abraham  (845) 353-7044 or e-mail jabraham@nyackschools.com or Yesenia Polanco (845) 353-7042 or email ypolanco@nyackschools.com