Welcome to 4th and 5th Grade Band!


4th Grade Instrumental Music Registration

The Music Department was unable to recruit for Instrumental Music last Spring.  We have a Google Form for recruitment this year.

We are asking for the form to be completed no later than Monday, September 14th. 


Google Classroom!

All assignments, materials, and posts for this class will be through our Google Classroom. 


1) Go to Classroom.google.com and sign in using your Nyack Schools account (firstname.lastname@nyackschools.org

2) Select "Join a Class" 

3) Enter the class code for your class (class codes are below) 

4) Congrats! You're in! 


4th Grade Band Class Code: phzvjip

5th Grade Band Class Code: epwhrbj 


For further reading on Google Classroom, check out "The Parents' Guide to Google Classroom"


4th Grade Band!

4th Grade Band Lessons

Please make sure you have an instrument, the Essential Elements Book 1 for your instrument, and a music stand for home practice. 



5th Grade Band!

Fall 2020 - 5th Grade Band Lessons 

Please make sure you have an instrument, the Essential Elements Book 1 for your instrument, and a music stand for home practice. 

What does my child need?

1) An instrument! Instrument rentals are available from:

  • NEMC online at: www.nemc.com  1-800-526-4593 (City Music delivers instruments to the school) 
  • Rockland Music (located in the Kohls Shopping Plaza) on Route 59 East in Nanuet, NY: 845-624-5470
  • Peter Bannon, located in Nyack, NY 845-358-8227

2) A lesson book: Our lesson book is Essential Elements For Band, Book 1. Lesson books exist for every band instrument, so be sure to get the book that matches your child’s instrument.

3) Clarinet and Saxophone players will need:

  • Rico Reeds, Strength #2 for 4th Graders, Strength # 2 1/2 for 5th Graders. A box of 10 reeds should last students the whole school year. 
  • Cork grease
  • Instrument swab
  • Saxophone players should also look into a padded neckstrap to ease the weight of holding the instrument

4) Trumpet and Euphonium/Baritone players will need valve oil.

5) Trombone players will need slide oil. 

6) Percussion players will need: drum sticks and a practice pad.

7) It is recommended that all music students have a music stand for home practice.  

Renting Vs. Purchasing an Instrument

While we strongly encourage students to rent their instruments for the first few years, there is always the option of purchasing a new or used instrument. For those families interested in purchasing an instrument, it is crucial that you contact us before making your purchase. 
In today’s world of Internet shopping, there are many instruments available on-line and in department stores for very competitive prices. While these deals may seem very attractive and easy on the wallet, they are usually not of the quality that will allow your child to succeed as a beginner, even if they are marketed as “Band Director Approved”. These types of instruments often cost more money to repair when they break than their original purchase price. Sometimes, even a music store will offer an instrument for sale that may not be the best fit for your child. We cannot stress enough how important it is for your child to have the right tools to learn with during their first year, and if you are thinking about making a purchase, please talk with us first. 
We always recommend that when purchasing an instrument, you do so in person, and only from a qualified music store. Used instruments are another great option, as you can often find a used instrument of great quality for less than the cost of two years rental. Again, if you are looking at used instruments, please contact us first, and always purchased through a music store. 
Qualified brands: Yamaha, Buffet, Selmer, Gemeinhardt, Pearl, Artley, Jupiter, Besson, Blessing, Getzen, Bach, King, Conn.

Instrument Rental Information

  • City Music Center: www.citymusiccenter.com 1-800-526-4593 
  • Rockland Music, located in the Kohls Shopping Center on Route 59 East in Nanuet: 845-624-5470
  • Peter Bannon, another local instrument rental supplier: 845-358-8227